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Miami-Dade County TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive Program

The TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive is a performance-based grant program that is based on Miami-Dade County-centric criteria. Each project’s eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis and each project/grant agreement will be required to go before the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for individual approval. This process requires a timeframe of two or more months for approval. After the grant is approved, the rebate will be distributed after the production provides proof of their local spend, hires, etc. through a professional audit.

Please Read All of The Requirements of the Program Before Submitting an Application.
Incomplete or Erroneous Applications
Will Not Be Accepted.

Local Municipalities with Incentives

Important Helpful Information

Lists of Students and Graduates and their Contact information for the Student/Graduate Hiring Requirement
Miami Dade College School of Entertainment and Design Technology Graduates list
Miami Dade College School of Entertainment and Design Technology  Student list
New York Film Academy
Miami International University
University of Miami Students

Registered Business check
Link to check if the vendors are registered Miami-Dade County Businesses :
This is a testy site. So if there is any question about local businesses, production can send me a vendor list and I will check it out. It helps to search in all caps.

Minimum Wage Requirement

Must Register as Miami-Dade County Vendor in order to receive the $100,000 grant check. It can take 2 months to be certified by the County so I would register ASAP.

Additional Incentives 
Additional financial incentives, grants and funding sources are available including the State of Florida sales tax exemption. Additionally, there are incentives for companies interested in expanding or relocating to Miami-Dade County. Please see links below: